Prophetess Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

Prophetess Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey, NCMA, MAA

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Coach, Professor

Shanie Salmon-Godfrey is a multi-faceted, global pioneer on a mission to help ordinary people live an extraordinary life. Through Entrepreneurship, spiritual competency, and leadership development. Shanie empowers people to build a legacy. As a multifaceted pioneer, she helps others to use their gifts and talents to Transform their lives, elevate their mindset, and to be commissioned to help others to do the same.

She is a woman of integrity, with a fire of compassion to heal humanity. In her journey overcoming years of abuse and trauma, she has founded multiple corporations to give back to a world that has given and taken so much from her.


Pastor Shanie has been active in and served in diverse deliverance ministries varying size and denomination for over 15 years. Her journey to find ministerial leadership with the willingness to help her cultivate her gifts, tap into her purpose, and embrace the calling of God on her life, gave her the experience of finding Christ and learning herself. The lack of leadership support, and mentorship over many years helped her to depend her spiritual life and forged within her many prudent leadership attempts to take advantage, Pastor Shanie has learned the value of being called out of religion and the church structure into a relationship with Jesus Christ. As she has walked through the growth process and fully accepted and surrendered to the call of God, these valuable life and leadership experiences, have propelled her forward as a builder in the kingdom of God Marketplace Businesses.


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THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET: The 5 Entrepreneurial Mindsets

The Entrepreneurial Mindset was written for entrepreneurs of all industries and skillsets. This book will help you to identify the 5 Entrepreneurial mindsets that entrepreneurs must overcome along the entrepreneurial journey. You will learn how to identify the mindsets, with practical tools to overcome them. 
After reading this book, you will be passionate and fired up about launching that business. Not only will you learn the 5-entrepreneurial mindsets and how to overcome them, you will also learn how to grow your business and dominate your marketplace using the B.O.S.S. Up Method. 

Face The Lion

Face the lion is a chain breaking, barrier busting, groundbreaking book written by Prophetess Shanie Salmon-Godfrey. This book was inspired by the Holy Spirt to bring forth deliverance, victory, and elevation. After years of teaching and pastoring I have encountered so many amazing people that are not living up to their potential. They are bound by fear, hurt, anger and disappointment. With shame of telling their story, their voice goes unheard. Gifts and talents that can change the world is going back to God unused. Everyone has a story to tell, with few people ever find their voice to tell it. There is a lion inside of u that we all one day, must come face to face with. At that moment we must decide to run away or fight.

This book will equip you to face the lion inside, to stand your ground and fight. Eradicate mediocrity an annihilate fear. Through personal testimonies and Holy Spirt inspired prophecies, you will be armed with the word of God, a renewed mind, and a written strategy to elevate your life, through true transformation.

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